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The Cave Studios it's a multicultural collective within the music landscape, a great space where upcoming and experienced artists are the center of the stage.

In an environment as iconic as the basement of NDSM shipyard, we would like to take you to another world, just for the moment.

This year international labels will perform in our "Showcave", the audiovisual experience on the live-stream, not be missed in the Netherlands or any part of the globe.

But what does it involve to stream live? We invite you to join an intimate backstage live-streaming experience of creating a live stream on the spot. Get close to the artist, feel the pressure and dance to the music.

We are tucked away under the IJ, surrounded by amazing art, to join send us a message to : (limited space) | Creative Studios 

As a studio, we make sure that we have all the tools needed to make a splash, make promo's, post interviews, create blogs, and produce video showcases.

Make it happen!

Make it Real!

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